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Get exposure as an industry thought leader as well as a dofollow backlink in your bio.


  • The article must be actionable, as in the reader should be able to apply the knowledge while following along.
  • The article must be 100% unique and not spun. (We will check!)
  • The article must comply with Google News, Bing News, and DMCA guidelines.
  • The article must be 800+ words.
  • We will remove links or reject post which showcases a company that directly competes with any of Think Advertisements services. (Excluding things like job boards or freelance sites.)
  • We will interlink your article to our site.
  • We retain full rights to posted articles and they may not be posted anywhere else.
  • You may pull your article from the schedule at any time before it goes live and retain the rights yourself.
  • You may mention your guest post on social media and encourage you to do so.
  • We will require a headshot and 1-3 sentence bio which will be posted at the top of the article.
  • Links will be nofollow except in author box.
  • A casual or professional tone is expected.
  • We reserve the right to reject any post for any reason at our sole discretion


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After approval, a member of our team will provide you a login to our site to post your article. After approval, you may submit an unlimited number of guest post that complies with the rules stated on this page.

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