Top 3 Misconceptions about SEO

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Tyler Ullery

Tyler started in high school learning how to market small businesses that were local to him. As time went on he started as a freelancer marketer on Fiverr and Upwork unil he decided to start his own agency with a fellow marketer.

Everyone wants to rank their websites on page 1 of Google, however, there is a lot of people competing for those spots as well. On top of the competition, the rules also change almost monthly, meaning what you do today may hurt or do nothing for your site tomorrow. In this post, the Think Advertisement team hopes to clear up all the misconceptions about SEO that we have seen on sites such as Upwork and Quora.

1) A new site can be ranked before it is completed.

A new site with no history cannot be ranked before it is completed unless you expect it to take about a year and you have a full-time expert working on it since day one. If your site is in a very specific niche that no one else wants to target, you may be able to rank with the help of an SEO expert once but, do not count on it. Generally, you will need about 6 months of full-time SEO work to make it to pages 5-10 of Google for moderately competitive keywords. Sorry but, you will not make it on page one and stay there for a one time fee of $200; it just does not work that way.

2) Meta tags are still a thing

On Upwork I constantly see people mention meta tags in their job description for SEO work. Now for none SEO experts, I try to assume they mean meta descriptions which are a different thing altogether but, no! They will mention both in the same post.

Once upon a time, meta tags (in particular, the meta keywords tag) were an important part of the SEO process…This process was quickly spammed to death, and was eventually dropped by all the major engines as an important ranking signal… – Moz

This is why Yoast by default even hides the meta tag option because there is no reason to use them anymore.

3) Keyword Density

Everyone knows that keywords are king to search engines. They are the queries that users type to find products or answers to their problems. I have a little insider secret for you…stuffing your content with your keyword will in no way help you rank higher. If you write quality content that actually answers people questions and provide value, then you have written SEO friendly content. Search engines want to rank sites that will actually be valuable to their user, not sites that make hard to read non-sense just to try to rank higher.


There you have the top 3 SEO misconceptions that make us here at Think Advertisement just shutter. If you want to rank your site using the right methods please contact us here at Think Advertisement and we can get started within 3 business days. Since you read this article just mention MISSEO to one of our agents and we will even give you 2 months of free SEO work when you sign a 12-month agreement.

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